About Us

About Parizzo

Parizzo rideshare is beyond saving on transportation cost or making extra cash on routine trips, it’s about strengthening the human bond through pleasurable rides, positive contribution to the environment and promotion of good deeds.

Far from being an on-demand ride-hailing taxi service, parizzo aims to promote a cleaner environment by encouraging people (employees, students or neighbours, etc.) in large cities to share-ride with each other as they make their routine trips.

Carpooling with a total stranger comes with security challenges no doubt but our screening process ensures the security of both the car owner and passenger. This we do at no cost to the parties for a pleasurable convenient ride.

Our Fares are competitive, payment is secure and stress-free in a cashless way; the passenger’s registered card gets charged and the car owner’s bank account is credited instantly on trip completion. No pranks, no payment related arguments and most importantly card details are not stored on our platform to ensure maximum security.

Remember, when a ride is shared, experiences are shared, the environment benefits from fewer cars plying the weak road networks and carbon footprint is kept low while everyday travel issues like traffic congestion, parking difficulties, rising commute cost etc., are drastically reduced. Rethink how you commute, Join us as we make our cities a better place to live!