August 2021

How Parizzo Carpool Works

Parizzo Carpool

Parizzo carpool makes it easy and affordable for working professionals passing through  similar routes at similar time to share their trip.

Basically, car owners driving to their offices take a passenger in their car along the way instead of riding alone.

The idea is to join car owners with verified passengers at any bus stop along their route.

  • The car owner is not a commercial driver and is not mandated to pick passengers from their homes because car owners are either on their way to their office or home. They are always time conscious, so passengers are advised to work with the agreed timing and pickup point.


Here’s how to carpool.

  • Request/offer carpool rides

Enter your destination and time and request/offer a carpool. The Parizzo carpool app will match you with other carpoolers heading in similar direction.

  • Send carpool requests/offers to your preferred carpoolers.

Send carpool requests/offers and wait for their response. You will be notified if your request/offer was accepted or rejected. If accepted, you can call or chat with your carpool buddy through the app to finalize your carpool ride.

  • Walk to your pickup spot

As a Passenger, you may need to walk a short distance to your agreed pickup spot. Most often, this will be your nearest bus stop. Being at the agreed pickup bus stop helps keep detours to a minimum and pickups faster for the car owner. Remember, our car owners are time conscious and either going to their offices or returning home.

  • Walk to your destination

The car owner will drop you off close to your destination. Most likely, this will be the closest bus stop on the car owner’s route.


Carpooling helps car owners earn extra cash to cover their fuel costs and car maintenance while providing a stable, safe, affordable and comfortable ride to passengers. A win-win opportunity for commuters in Lagos State.


April 2021

Commuting in Lagos during a pandemic.

Rideshare Parizzo Carpool

Commuting safely with Parizzo.

As we know, our life has changed because of COVID-19 , but how will commuting in a busy city like Lagos look as we start to go back to the workplace with or without a vaccine. 

The problem with public transport is that there are many people in poorly ventilated buses and everyone is often seated tightly packed in the danfo. This can invite the spread of different types of diseases, including COVID-19. This problem is worsened by people who refuse to wear masks even though it is scientifically regarded as a valid protection against the virus’s spread. 

The dilemma is whether to take the risk and put up with it, or convince your fellow commuters to wear a mask. In a danfo with at least 12-15 people, this is perhaps a futile endeavour. Even if you succeed, sitting so tightly packed will probably eliminate any advantage of wearing masks. 

Fortunately, there are alternative options while commuting during COVID. Your car is the safest and most convenient option, but the downside is increased fuel costs, which could significantly increase your expenses. It is also likely that you do not own a car. The good news is that there is a solution to this. You can still commute safely and affordably during Covid. 

By carpooling with Parizzo, there is increased safety as you make your daily trips to work and back home. Parizzo connects Car owners and Passengers along the same route allowing them to commute safely. 

As the number of passengers is limited to a maximum of three, passengers maintain an appropriate distance. Passengers can also decide to leave the windows open to allow for more airflow or regulate the intervals at which this can be done. 

Additionally, contact tracing is easier with carpooling. Best of all, riding with Parizzo is affordable because passengers split the cost of the trip. 

Commute safely, book your trip with Parizzo today. 

Register as a Car owner here

Register as a Passenger here

March 2021

5 Ways to Make Your Daily Commute Productive

Even though employers are beginning to lean heavily towards working from home and offering flexible schedules, commuting to work isn’t about to go away for a long time to come.

And while some of us have shorter commutes, others aren’t lucky; as they have to travel to their places of work. And let’s be truthful: most career professionals spend a huge chunk of their time commuting to and from work daily; which isn’t a pleasant experience.

No matter your method of commute (bus, car, motorcycle, taxi, Parizzo carpooling/ridesharing); we’ve curated some useful tips on how to make your commute more productive.

1. Plan your day

If you are not a car owner, you can spend the time commuting to work by mapping out your day. Here’s how to do it: Make a to-do list of the tasks you want to accomplish at work via your Evernote app or phone’s note app and arrange them from the order of importance.

“Creating a to-do list helps you organize your day by breaking down comprehensive tasks into small and manageable ones. It also helps you prioritize your tasks based on the level of urgency and allows you to dedicate your time and energy to complete them,” says Christabel Ikpen, Parizzo’s Support Analyst & Admin Officer.

2. Read a book

Whether you are reading a romance novel, motivational autobiography, self-help book or even something on science and tech, reading helps commuters to reduce stress and learn something new.  “Not only does it stimulate your mind and improve your productivity, but it also strengthens your writing skills and expands your vocabulary,” says Christabel.

Additionally, if you are not an avid book reader or someone who gets bored easily or even has fears over completing a book, you could finish reading a book while on a commute daily. If you read about 15 to 20 pages daily during commute for a month, you’d be surprised to see that you’ve finished reading the book you dreaded reading in the first place,” adds Christabel.

3. Listen to a podcast

Not a fan of books or written materials? You can listen to podcasts. Podcasts are highly educational and motivational and can give you the surge of inspiration you need to perform effectively at work daily. The good news is that whether you are carpooling as a driver or commuting as a passenger, you can easily listen to a podcast via your car’s stereo or mobile device.

4. Learn something new via an online class

There’s something new to learn every day. And thanks to platforms such as Alison, SkillShare, Udemy, Coursera and FutureLearn, you can learn something new every day; especially if you live a hectic life and cannot dedicate some time to update your skills.

Use the commute to improve your knowledge and gain the upper hand in your career or industry. There are also tons of online class types to choose from; ranging from audio to words and videos – which you can learn while commuting.

5. Get some sleep

Unproductivity, fatigue and stress at work might be a result of lack of enough sleep. If you feel tired, you can take a power nap during your commute. This makes you feel recharged and boosts your productivity levels at work. Please note that sleeping is only recommended for passengers and not those who drive to work.

Summarily, our lives are increasingly becoming busy, and it becomes difficult to set special times to engage in activities that boost our productivity and makes us better at work. Use the tips above to make your commute to work something you look forward to daily.

8 Commuting Apps You Should Use Daily To Maximize Productivity

Productivity app for commuting

It’s easy to waste time when commuting. Whether you are waiting at a traffic light or stuck in traffic, it’s important to realise that time waits for no one. Every minute counts! You could either decide to spend the time scrolling through social media feeds or get things done and enhance your productivity.

Luckily for you, we curated a list of fun, creative and highly productive apps that will help you make the most use of your time, start your day on a great note and even get to enjoy some free time for yourself.

1. Evernote

We love Evernote because it’s great for organization and it’s a super virtual manager that allows you to segment your tasks and jot down your ideas. What’s more? You can toggle easily between each note on the app, share it with your friends and colleagues, save it to Google Drive and even open live chat windows for team collaborations.

We’ve also got great news for voice note lovers. Evernote allows you to easily record your ideas or thoughts, save them and share them later.

2. Gmail

We bet almost everyone uses Gmail. We don’t know about you; but boy, there’s something satisfying about arriving at the office without having to sort through piles of emails.

Gmail’s mobile app allows you to easily check your inbox, delete unnecessary or spammy messages, reply to urgent emails, schedule emails for sending, quickly label emails with colour-coded tags based on importance, set reminders to reply to a particular email and even snooze emails so they reappear in your inbox at a later time and date specifically set by you.

3. Duolingo

Want to learn a new language for free without breaking the bank or creating a budget? We recommend you use Duolingo. The app has over 15 distinct languages available to users. Simply sign up and select the language you want to learn. And voila, you’re good to go!

We also love the presentation of the language lessons – they are short, simple, highly visual and painless. The app is super intuitive as well. Be warned though – you can get addicted to it. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

4. Audible

If you are a podcast lover, then, you’d love Audible. Owned by Amazon, Audible contains the world’s largest collection of audio resources – podcasts, audiobooks and even listenable programming. Whatever audio file or resource you need, Audible is ever ready, and at the comfort of your pockets.

It also allows listeners to listen to content without showing ads and constantly updates its library with new releases across various genres.

5. Kindle

Also owned by Amazon, Kindle allows you to download books and enjoy them from the leisure of your phone or tablet. Irrespective of the genre of reading material you want, Kindle has something for everyone.

6. Google News

Want to stay updated on the latest news, trends and resources worldwide? Worry no more. With Google News, you can easily commute on your way to work and enjoy reading about the latest news and happenings from around the world.

7. Twitter

We recommend Twitter for social media lovers and career professionals such as social media and community managers who want to stay abreast of the latest hashtags, social media discussions, brand discussions and collaborations, as well as for social listening purposes.

8. Parizzo Passenger App

Nothing beats getting to work without haggling buses, tricycles, motorcycles alongside other commuters or waiting in a long queue to take the BRT. With the Parizzo Passenger App, you can easily set your route details on the app and the Parizzo will match you with car owners on your route willing to carpool with you. You get to enjoy the comfort of a private car at an affordable cost.

We advocate that you try these apps out, and who knows? You just might be looking forward to making your daily commute more productive.


Top 7 Ways To Make Money With Your Car In Nigeria

7 ways to make moneyImage credit: Money Magpie

Do you have a car? Why not put it to use and make extra money from it. After all, some people are willing to pay you in exchange for your car services.

If you are a car owner in Lagos or Nigeria who has been thinking of different side hustles to engage in, we’ve specially curated the top seven, legitimate ways using your car can fetch you extra money.

Please note that the options you pick depend on certain variables such as your location, the age and condition of your car, personal preferences, nearness to business districts, etc.

1. Become a ridesharer on Parizzo

Ridesharing is one of the easiest, hassle-free and simplest ways to make money with your car. All you have to do is download the Parizzo Car Owner App, sign up on the platform and offer your vacant car seats to verified passengers going your way.

You seamlessly get paid 80% of the trip cost and you can easily withdraw your funds from the wallet in your app immediately. It’s that easy. While there are buses, taxis, tricycles and motorcycles to take people from point A to B, some passengers prefer to use Parizzo because of the comfort and the privacy it affords.

2. Child Pick-up Services

Not every parent wants their children picked up from school by their contracted tricycle riders, school buses or motorcyclists. And parents with extremely busy schedules may need your services to help them pick up their children from school, rehearsals and other locations and pay you for your services as long as your daily commute pattern and those of their children match.

3. Equipment transportation service

Many people in Lagos visit busy business districts daily. Fortunately, they need a car owner like you to help them transport their items to a particular location. All you need is to have a car, and match with this category of passengers on the Parizzo platform.

4. Car courier services

People want tons of items delivered from one location to another. And this is one car business idea we suggest that you consider. For starters, you can start a car courier service with your vehicle by reaching out to potential customers (think Instagram and other social media vendors, wholesalers, MSMEs, private individuals and even physical store owners) and help them deliver their goods and any other items to their customers and start making some cool money.

5. Moving/Relocation services

Not a day goes by that people do not move from one location within Lagos, into Lagos, outside Lagos, or even other parts of Nigeria. If you have a large vehicle, you can help people move their belongings and household items and get paid for your services.

6. Airport shuttle services

Pandemic or not, visitors from other countries and even Nigerians returning from international trips need your services as a car provider to take them from the airport to their hotels or any other destination they have in mind. It’s a great way to make some cool cash, and quickly.

7. Car rental services

Car rental services are great for car owners who do not always drive their cars around. If you have a car you do not use often, you can consider renting it out for a day or two to people who need your car.

However, before considering this, we strongly suggest that you have a paid insurance package that fully covers costs, especially in situations such as theft, accidents or damages.

While this list isn’t exhaustive, we hope you get the drift. It’s possible to make extra money in Nigeria. All you need is to have a car and you are good to go!

6 Smart Ways To Make Extra Money Online In Nigeria


Image credit: Nairametrics

Who wants to make extra money? Yep, we all do. Whether you are a business owner, career professional or even a housewife, it doesn’t hurt to have an additional income source and save for rainy days.

Without further ado, we’ve curated easy and simple-to-start side businesses you can do to make extra money.

1. Blogging

Thanks to the internet and social media, you don’t have to pay tons of money to host a WordPress site or any other platform. If you have the resources for building a website, we recommend that you do. For website lovers, one free website platform we love is Wix. It’s simple and elegant, intuitive, tons of templates, and can build a website from scratch.

However, if you’d consider microblogging, we recommend blogging on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and any other platform your target audience might be.

Simply put, blogging is the art of providing value by sharing content online that inspires people, helps them and propels them to take action. And luckily for you, you can blog about ANYTHING!

It could range from mental health to parenting, a career professional’s life in Lagos, commuting in Lagos, traffic updates, society, business, entertainment, politics, art and lifestyle, or even a subject area you have expertise in.

2. Become a freelancer

Suppose there’s anything the pandemic has taught us all, especially business owners. In that case, more businesses are now heavily relying on the use of independent contractors (also known as freelancers) to get things done.

Freelance services you can offer include graphic design, photography, fashion styling, tutoring, social media management, writing, copywriting, digital marketing, content marketing, social media influencing, animation, administrative services, amongst others.

3. Leveraging your profession to make money

For example, if you work as a Copywriter or Lawyer in your 9-5, you could also offer those services on a part-time basis. For example, a business or corporate lawyer can make more money on the side by helping business owners with CAC registration. Irrespective of the nature of your profession, we recommend that you use it outside work, in your spare time, in exchange for payment.

4. Set up a business

Love thrift or vintage items? Jewelleries? Props? Bags? Phones and other mobile devices? Shoes? Perfumes? Nothing stops you from augmenting your income, as long as what you sell to customers is legitimate and of top-notch quality. And thanks to social media, you don’t need to own a physical store.

Set up an online store on social media, invest in great graphic design and photography, start posting product pictures, socialize on pages where your potential customers are by leaving meaningful comments and running sponsored ads.

5. Sell your knowledge

No knowledge is small or ever wasted. Whether you have deep expertise in mental health, freelance writing, how to design with Canva, coding, app development – irrespective of the type of knowledge you have – some people are willing to pay for it.

Different ways to sell your knowledge are via eBooks or hard copies, paid webinars, courses, WhatsApp or Telegram courses or even paid speaking opportunities.

6. Carpooling

Meet Segun: Segun has a 9-5 job that he loves. However, he also knows that he needs to have other sources of income to supplement his salary. Fortunately, Segun has a car. He thinks of ways to make money with his vehicle as he endures the harrowing traffic associated with commuting in Lagos. He hears about Parizzo, downloads the Parizzo Car Owner App and begins to make extra money by picking up other working professionals going to his location every day.

10 Tips for Cleaning Your Car With Household Disinfectants.

Image credit: DIY Network


With the pandemic still out and no chance of knowing when people would return to the former way of living, it’s essential, now more than ever, that Parizzo car owners ensure that their cars are as clean as possible.

And while there are tons of car washing outlets in Lagos, it won’t hurt to keep your cars sparkling and germ-free, especially if you look at certain factors such as your budget or nearness of the car washes to you.

With that in mind, here are ten safety tips to know when cleaning your cars from home with household disinfectants;

1. Always wear a pair of disposable or dishwashing gloves and a face mask before you begin the process.

2. If you use a face mask, ensure you wash or disinfect your hands before touching it to avoid contamination. While at it, make sure the face mask covers your mouth and nose adequately.

3. Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 25 seconds immediately after you clean your car. Washing your hands with soap will get rid of any contamination or germs your hands might have picked up from your car’s surfaces. If soap and water aren’t readily available, use a hand sanitiser with a minimum level of 60% alcohol.

4. Before cleaning your car, open the doors to ensure proper ventilation.

5. To achieve a thorough clean, remove the floor mats and vacuum them.

6. While your car is airing, we recommend that you vacuum the car seats and floors too.

7. The next step is to get your cleaning cloth, moisten it with household disinfectants such as soap and warm water or household detergents and begin to wipe.

8. After your car’s surfaces have been thoroughly cleaned and aired, return the floor mats into the car and close the doors.

9. Don’t forget to disinfect your car keys, especially if you share them with someone else. You don’t want to bring germs into your home.

10. Wash your cleaning cloth thoroughly and spread it in a clean environment to dry.

List of items to pack when you need to clean your car

For your protection, we recommend the following:

  1. A pair of disposable gloves.
  2. An apron (if you have one). If you don’t, you could don an old cloth that is disposable.
  3. A face mask that thoroughly covers your mouth and nose.
  4. A pair of safety goggles.
  5. A cleaning cloth to wipe your car.

Here’s a list of areas to clean when cleaning your car:

  1. Driver area
  2. Car keys
  3. Power button
  4. Steering wheel
  5. Gearstick
  6. Accelerator and brake
  7. Dashboard
  8. Car windscreen.
  9. The front of the car:
  10. Storage areas
  11. Heating controls
  12. Radio controls and screens
  13. Inner parts of the windscreen.
  14. Glove box compartment
  15. Cup holders
  16. Seats, doors & lights
  17. All seats and headrests (both drivers and passengers)
  18. Grab handles
  19. Interior lights
  20. Door handles, locks and window controls
  21. Seat belts and buckles
  22. The back of the car (Boot)
  23. Boot opener
  24. Buttons and handles in the boot
  25. Items in the boot

Other preventive methods we recommend that you take

  1. Be careful about the household cleaning products you use, as some could cause lasting damage to certain parts of your car.
  2. Use soapy water for leather seats and steering wheels.
  3. Do not excessively scrub when cleaning the interior of your car. Avoid excess soap suds as well.
  4. Do not disinfect your car with solutions containing bleach or hydrogen peroxide.
  5. Finally, always remember to check the instructions on disinfectants or household cleaning items to ensure their usage of car seats, plastics, touch screens or even paintworks.

A clean car improves the Parizzo carpooling experience for you and your co-riders. You can offer carpool rides to verified Parizzo Passengers on your route by registering on the Parizzo Car Owners App here.

Registration is online and it takes less than 30 minutes to be verified.

What is Carpooling & How Can You Benefit From It?

carpoolingImage credit: Ageas

Need to catch a ride? There is no need to hail a taxi, catch a bus, or join the queue to take the BRT during your commute around Lagos.

All you have to do is whip out your smartphone, select a car owner on the Parizzo passenger app and enjoy the benefits of carpooling.

If you are a career professional who has a car and has been looking for ways to make money, you can easily make some cool cash on the side by using your car for carpooling.

So, what exactly does carpooling mean?

Carpooling refers to when a car owner travelling to a particular location or destination rents out his vacant seats to passengers going to that same destination.

For example, if Yinka, a Tech Analyst, who works at a tech company, owns a car, works at Yaba and is on his way to Yaba, Yinka carpools when he picks up Sola, Ayeni and Lola, who are all going to Yaba as well.

Carpools are often organised for a single route and used daily, usually to and from school or work.

Carpooling reduces transportation costs, traffic congestions and pollution.
These attributes make carpooling a cheaper commute option, ecological and economical.


Why Should You Use Carpooling Services or Make Money With Your Car in Lagos?

1. Carpooling provides an additional source of income. Most Parizzo car owners use the money they make from offering carpooling services as an extra source of income.

2. Carpooling saves you money. When you carpool, you keep more money to yourself. Thanks to the money gained from the commuters who share your car.

3. It’s easier to get a ride. For passengers, say goodbye to hustling bus rides or motorbikes with other commuters or waiting your turn at BRT bus parks.

With Parizzo, all you have to do is use your Parizzo Passenger App to locate a ride close to your destination. The app matches you with a verified Parizzo Car Owner within that vicinity, and the trip will happen as scheduled on the app.

4. Passengers don’t have to make cash payments so, no need for change palava. After all, you are a working professional with little to no time to waste.

5. Finally, carpooling is an effective form of transportation. For those who have used carpooling services and got caught up in the traffic, the feeling of watching the meter tick is enough to increase your anxiety and ruin your transport budget plans. Parizzo will not add the costs associated with getting stuck in traffic to your original transport cost!

How Do I Request For A Parizzo Carpool?

Why should you ride with Parizzo, you might ask? First of all, it’s easy to get pickups along the way. The Parizzo Car owner app will connect you with passengers along your route to fill the vacant seats in your car.
See it this way: you get to greet your co-riders with a welcoming smile while you all save money. It’s a win-win for both parties.

Additionally, all Parizzo rides are hygienic, social distance- friendly and COVID complaint. Every Parizzo car owner will not accommodate more than three passengers in their cars (one beside the driver and two at the back), who must also wear their face masks, including the car owners.
We take your safety seriously.

How does Parizzo Carpooling Services Work?

1. Request
Open the Parizzo Passenger App and set your trip details. Once that is done, you can search for available car owners going along your way and then send a trip request. Upon confirmation by the Car Owner, you’re good to go!

2. Ride
Be at the necessary location you ought to be, so it’s easy and quick to hop in when the car owner gets there. That way, you don’t delay other office workers waiting to be picked or already in the car, going to the same destination as you.

3. Exit the car
Hop out of the car upon completion of the trip, and rate the trip. Parizzo will charge the cost of the journey to your payment method.

Other Points to Note:

  • For Car Owners: You can also send trip offers to passengers heading your way via the Car Owner App. You should also set your trip routes in advance as this will help passengers heading your way find you.
  • Parizzo allows its users to schedule their trips once. You don’t have to enter the details of your destination every day.
  • The Parizzo Car Owner App and Passenger App has incredible features that would blow your mind away:
    I. Amazing User Interface for enhanced user experience.
    II. Ability to save up to 2 different trip routes on the app.
    III. Safety feature for a more secured trip.
    IV. Call and Chat feature for effective communication.
    V. More payment options at your fingertips.
    VI. Faster Access to the Parizzo Support Team
    VII. Notification of your trip activities.

Register as a Car owner here
Register as a Passenger here

An Opportunity to Make Money by Carpooling to the Office Daily


Making Money through Carpooling and Ridesharing

Depending on only a salary to make ends meet, saving or increasing wealth is perhaps not an excellent way to live. At least not in Lagos.

Although having a side hustle is a great idea, it is often difficult to juggle a business and a full-time job. Another alternative is learning a skill. However, learning a skill requires financial and time investment.

There is a new way to earn money without additional commitment and investment. With Parizzo, verified Car owners can carpool with verified Passengers whose timing, origin and destination are similar.

Passengers request to join a carpool ride through the app, and our carpooling algorithm matches them with Car owners who are willing to carpool on their route.

Car owners offer their vacant car seats through the app, and our carpooling algorithm matches them with passengers who are willing to carpool on their route.

As commuting to the workplace is a daily affair, Car owners enjoy attractive dividends from this side hustle without an additional workload. Passengers are along their route, and there are no additional costs in time or money by picking them. What better way to double their hustle?

Our additional verification security features ensure everyone on the platform are verified. There is an assurance of safe commuting to and from the office daily.

Besides, our cashless policy means payment is seamless. Car owners can easily withdraw their earned money from their wallet.

Becoming a Car owner is quick and seamless. We only require registration that takes only a few minutes to complete. Our team is available to answer questions and assist in completing the registration process.

Enjoy the feeling of a community and earn money from commuting to work.

Register as a Car owner here
Register as a Passenger here


February 2021

The Biggest Carpooling/Ridesharing Community in Lagos State.

We know how the euphoria of getting a job, quickly fades away a few days after experiencing the harsh transportation system in our congested cities.

To make sure working professionals continue to find meaning in their work, we have introduced a convenient carpooling/ridesharing system for easy commuting to and from work.

As a passenger looking to join a rideshare/carpool, you log into the parizzo app, set your preferred time and route and search for available carpool/rideshare ride on your way.

Parizzo will match you with other working professionals (co-workers or neighbours) with the same timing and route details so you can enjoy a more comfortable commute to and from work daily.

As a car owner looking for ways to minimize your fuel costs and car maintenance cost, log into the parizzo app, register your car, set your preferred time and route and search for passengers (co-workers or neighbours) willing to join a carpool on your way.

Parizzo will match you with up to three other working professionals with the same timing and route details.
Now you can cover your fuel and car maintenance cost by earning money from your empty car seats while driving to work and back daily.

As a Parizzo carpooler, you get to join our vibrant and ever-growing community, interact with other carpoolers, network and share ideas on both carpooling and work-related issues.
With this system we have painstakingly built, you are sure to only share rides with verified users that have a noble desire to reduce the stress in commuting and make it greener by carpooling/ridesharing to and from work daily.

Register here to join our community of verified professionals.