Car owner’s Guide


Car owner's Guide

Car owners should know the user’s time for pickup and should reach on time.

Car owner should confirm to the passenger about their time and pickup place before 1hr from ride start.

Car owners must carry the driving license and papers related to vehicle, like, insurance, registration certificate etc.

Car owners make sure that their vehicle is having sufficient fuel for the ride.

Car owners must drive safely and follow traffic rules at all times.

Car owners may ask and confirm the identity of passenger before letting them inside the car.

Car owners must maintain hygiene and vehicle should be cleaned properly and do not smell. The use of car-freshener is advised, if required;

Car owners should make sure that their vehicle is having sufficient fuel for the ride

Car owners should be sensible for user’s time and should not delay the ride start time by reaching late at pickup point.

Car owners must not smoke, chew tobacco, and have wine immediately before and during the journey.

Car owners should not park the vehicle in between the ride for a break.

Car owners should not board more than 3 passengers.

Use of mobile phones while driving is extremely dangerous. Do not under any circumstances use your mobile phone for any reason