Yes. It is required to provide feedback after every ride. Honest feedback helps improve service provided and give us guidance on how to serve you better.

Call our line at 08160000378, email us at customercare@parizzo.com. And we will take it up from there.

Yes. Parizzo does not discriminate on gender or any other grounds.

Parizzo connects riders with a ride provider close to each other and making a trip along similar route about the same time. Once both parties agree to make the trip together, the rider’s registered card gets charged while the provider’s bank account is credited instantly upon trip completion. No pranks, no payment related arguments and most importantly no card detail is stored on our platform to ensure maximum security.

Parizzo understands that that situations might arise to prevent you from honouring the trip as scheduled, it is therefore important you cancel such request/offering for a stipulate time. A new request/offering can be made when you are available to make your trip.

The cost of each trip is dependent on the distance travelled and payment is due on confirmation of the trip by the rider. Riders will see the amount due for a trip once a request is made. Riders will be charged immediately they are matched with a ride provider and consent to take the ride.

Kutty A10 Limited privacy policy ensures that all data provided to the platform are handled with the highest level of responsibility to ensure your data privacy. Read our privacy policy  for more information.

Payment on Parizzo is strictly by debit/credit card set up with the rider’s account, no cash payment will be accepted by ride providers during or after any trip.

Our users registration and ride provider verification process ensures availability of information to identify everyone on every ride. This will ensure that you are not taking rides that can not be traced.