No, the system has a log of most recent offering either for the ride provider or rider.

Parizzo is actually designed to make commuting safe, convenient and affordable for working professionals as they make their daily trips to work.

Send SMS or Whatsapp message to our customer support line at +234(0)816-000-0378, or email us at and we will do our best to help.


Absolutely yes, but each request must be sent and processed individually.

Yes, Parizzo is flexible, you can always search for a ride provider few minutes to when you are ready to leave, someone might be going your way. However, it is best to schedule your ride early enough so as to be sure of being matched with available ride providers especially during peak periods.

Parizzo connects riders with a ride provider close to each other and making a trip along similar route about the same time. Once both parties agree to make the trip together, the rider’s registered card gets charged while the provider’s bank account is credited instantly upon trip completion. No pranks, no payment related arguments and most importantly no card detail is stored on our platform to ensure maximum security.

Parizzo understands that that situations might arise to prevent you from honouring the trip as scheduled, it is therefore important you cancel such request/offering for a stipulate time. A new request/offering can be made when you are available to make your trip.

Only Android and iOS (iPhone) are supported at the moment.

Parizzo App connects private car owners (a.k.a. Ride Providers) driving to work with empty seats to people (Riders) that don’t want to drive but with similar trip direction.