Yes all fees charged shall be refunded in case of eventualities leading to non-completion of the trip. Note, it may take a few days for refunds to reflect on bank account, this is solely dependent on the rider’s bank.

In this case, the planned trip must be cancelled early (at least one hour before the ride) to allow riders originally assigned to you book another trip with the app.

Yes, Parizzo does not store any card details within its facilities. The attached payment gateway handles all financial details transmitted through our platform

The cost of each trip is dependent on the distance travelled and payment is due on confirmation of the trip by the rider. Riders will see the amount due for a trip once a request is made. Riders will be charged immediately they are matched with a ride provider and consent to take the ride.

Payment on Parizzo is strictly by debit/credit card set up with the rider’s account, no cash payment will be accepted by ride providers during or after any trip.