Passenger’s Guide

Riders Guide

We strictly advise passengers to read below guidelines carefully and follow them to have safe, secure and comfortable social journey.

  1. Passengers should cross verify the cost before embarking on a trip.
  2. Car owner may ask and confirm the identity of ride members before letting them inside the vehicle. Passengers are requested to cooperate and produce the same when asked for.
  3. Passengers may politely ask and confirm the identity of driver or fellow ride members before boarding in/on the vehicle.
  4. Car owner and Passengers may mutually decide the pickup and drop points and both should adhere to that.
  5. Passengers will present themselves on time and at the place agreed with the Car owner;
  6. Car owner and Passengers will immediately inform each other if they are required to cancel a Trip.
  7. Passengers should choose a safe pick up location which will not compromise anyone’s safety when you are waiting for the vehicle owner or other Passengers to arrive.
  8. The Car owner and Passenger agrees to wait at the pickup point for at least 5 minutes after the agreed time for each other to arrive however all are expected to be punctual.
  9. Passengers should be sensitive to other’s time and should not delay the ride start time by reaching late at pickup point. .
  10. Passengers must not smoke and chew tobacco immediately before and during the journey.
  11. Passengers should not force the Car owner to park the vehicle in between the ride for a break without consent of all the fellow passengers.