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February 2018

Let Parizzo Pay Your Bills

If you drive with empty seats on your regular commute and you own a smartphone then join Parizzo to monetize those seats. Parizzo pairs you with like minds going your way for a safe, convenient and profitable trip with guaranteed additional income.

Meet John who usually drives about 15km to and from work daily, bearing the entire trip cost alone in addition to loneliness, stress, and anger induced by other roads users or unusually extended travel time due to road congestion. He joined Parizzo to share his ride and Parizzo matches him (John) with three people commuting on his route, the cost of each trip is NGN 1, 875.00. To keep the platform running and improve the quality of service, Parizzo pays John 20% less the total collection which is NGN 1, 500.00 immediately he drops his Parizzo mates off.

Since John doesn’t need to

  • Stop at every point to lure passengers into his cars
  • Keep lower denomination notes to balance riders that pay him with higher denominations. All payments are cashless and through debit cards
  • bother about his trip or personal information being broadcasted on the internet
  • Worry about changes in his regular schedule that might affect his trips on parizzo, he only needs to advise the system ahead of time of his non-availability for the trip.

He trusts Parizzo to connect him with riders, handle collections and any other support needs. For consistency, he also earns additional perks and rewards. What a sure and consistent way to amplify his earning.

Outside his salary, he can channel earnings from Parizzo to specific bills payment or save towards a goal with his steady income stream available to him at any time. If you commute the same distance like John, that is NGN 3,000.00 daily, NGN15, 000.00 weekly and NGN60, 000.00 monthly to carter for any of your needs without you doing extra work.

What You Need To Do

  1. Download the Parizzo Car owner for Android http://bit.ly/ParizzoAndroid or IOS http://bit.ly/parizzoIOS
  2. Create your account and upload all required documents, including your bank account for remittance of accrued funds earned on the platform
  3. Setup your trips to accept ride request from people going your way
  4. Make the trip with others and get paid instantly

Your Security is paramount to us

Security and privacy of data are of utmost importance to us at Parizzo, we employ the highest level of confidentiality to data transmitted through the platform and encrypt same if they need to be stored our platform. Bank details are required to remit the accrued funds to car owner’s bank account.

We are closer than you can imagine

Beyond making money from your spare seats by sharing the trip with passengers going your way, it helps in building human bonds, reduces traffic congestion and by extension your travel time since fewer vehicles will be on the road. The environment also benefits from the low carbon footprint and reduced noise pollution from these fewer cars. Not to mention the reduced strain on our inadequate health facilities.

Should you require any information or have issues setting up the App, let’s chat on WhatsApp: 08160000378, 08160000379 or via email at care@parizzo.com

We can’t wait to have you on Parizzo!