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January 2019

Benefits of Being a Car owner.

The benefits attached to being a Parizzo Car owner can never be overemphasized. However, let’s run through them one more time!

  • IT’S A WAY TO MAKE MONEY: “Secure that bag!” Why do we work tirelessly? TO GET PAID; TO MAKE MONEY! This is kind of an obvious benefit, but one that you can’t really overlook. Additional income is never a bad thing!!! This brings us to the next amazing benefit!


  • SEAMLESS PAYMENTS: When it comes to money, no one likes hearing “stories that touch”. You’ve worked for it and so you deserve it- without struggling for it! At Parizzo, getting paid is pretty seamless. Once your trip is completed, you get paid in your Parizzo wallet and then you are free to do a transfer to your registered local bank account. Simple yeah? WE GAT YOU!
Parizzo rideshare

Building relationships with Parizzo.

  • YOU GET TO GROW YOUR NETWORK: “The richest people in the world look for and build networks”  Robert Kiyosaki. Being a Parizzo Car owner help build relationships. You no longer have to drive to work alone. Get people to ride with you and build meaningful Relationships.


  • EASY REGISTRATION PROCESS: Humans don’t like to be stressed! To be a Parizzo Car owner is almost like a “walk in the Park.” It’s not a stressful procedure, except for some basic requirements like having a car and knowing how to drive, valid driving licence and no criminal background, you are not required to have any special skills. At most, anyone over 21 years can do this!


  • YOU CAN HELP CURB TRAFFIC TOO: I’m yet to see a person who enjoys being stuck in traffic. Being a Parizzo Car owner means you’d be contributing to reducing traffic on our roads and hereby also reducing the number of toxic fumes from vehicles. At Parizzo, we pride in keeping our environment healthy and safe as possible. Wouldn’t it be nice if you joined this amazing cause?


  • HIGHLY RESPONSIVE CUSTOMER SERVICE DELIVERY: Meet our Team of amazing customer care representatives who are always available to attend to your needs. GREAT PRODUCT. GREAT SERVICE. CHOOSE PARIZZO!


  • EASY TO USE APP: Why create an App if it’s not going to be user friendly? The Parizzo App is user friendly and easy to navigate. You don’t need a University degree to operate it. Yes, trust me.


  • MUTUAL RESPECT BETWEEN RIDERS AND RIDE PROVIDERS: At Parizzo, we treat both Riders and Car owner with equal respect!. Little wonder why we don’t refer to our Ride Providers as “drivers!”


  • FLEXIBILITY: As a Parizzo Car owner, you aren’t limited to just sharing your empty car seats to and fro work alone! You can decide to place trip adverts at your convenience hereby making extra cash!


  • SAFETY: Last but certainly not the least, you can provide trips without being scared!. All our Passengers are verified and traceable! You really have nothing to worry about!